Friday, June 22, 2012

Camping out!

 On Friday and Sunday, Jas, Livi, Joey, and I camped out in the back year.  We did this last year and only two people made it throughout the night (Jas and Livi), but this year it was great.  Everyone stayed in the tent all night.  We had a lot of fun talking, singing, catching lightning bugs, and reading books.  This will definitely need to become a summer tradition!

The Last Game

 On Friday, Olivia had her last T-Ball game of the season.  She had so much fun in T-Ball and I hope that she wants to play again next spring!  On Sunday, her team met at Razzo's for an end of the year party where Olivia received her T-Ball pin.  Great job Livi, we are so proud of you!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hip Hop Dance Camp

 Last week, Olivia participated in a hip hop dance class.  last year she tried ballet, so this year she wanted to try hip hop.  On Thursday we were able to go into her class and watch her, she did a great job!  I wonder what we will try next year?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

 On Sunday we traveled back home to celebrate Father's Day at home.  We had a nice lunch with Grandpa Dressler and Pattie, took a long nap, and then went to see Grandma and Jim that night.  It was another relaxing day at the Heiple house.

Happy Father's Day Jas...Livi and Joey are SO blessed to have you as their daddy.  We love you very much!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our Tough Mudder

On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa Heiple, Jas, Livi, Joey, and I headed to Attica, Indiana.  Jason ran in a Tough Mudder race that was held at the Bad Lands Off Road Park.  I am always very proud of my husband, but I have never been prouder of him than I was that day.  The Tough Mudder was one of his biggest personal challenges, and he beyond exceeded that challenge.  The Tough Mudder is a 12 mile, 25 obstacle challenge that took him about 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete.  It was in the grueling heat, and held on a desert like terrain.  It was amazing to watch him!

Great job Babe, we are SO proud of you!

 Olivia and Joey were such troopers....Joey was competing with daddy on who could get the dirtiest!

 Right after the race a freak storm came through causing flash flooding.  Livi and Joey loved playing in the rain.  Then Joey used his cute looks to convince a police officer to let him sit on his four-wheeler.

 Jason was SO hungry after the race!
 Daddy and his cheerleaders!
 These are his shorts, shoes, and gloves after the race...amazingly we got them clean!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pool Time!

Over Father's Day weekend, Jas, Livi, Joey, and I headed to Danville.  Jason was going to run in the Tough Mudder race on Saturday, so we decided to head over on Friday and treat Livi and Joey to two nights in the hotel...they LOVE staying in hotels!  On Friday night, we went down to the pool and let them swim.  Olivia decided to put her head under water for the first time ever!  She was so proud of herself, and Jason and I were elated!